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Premium Microfibre Baby Bath Towels - Pack of 2-100x70cm - 400GSM

  • EXTRA LARGE - These baby towels measure 100x70cm. The XL size allows you to fully wrap your baby after bath time and the towel is large enough that you can continue to use it as your baby grows well beyond the newborn stage. There are 2 in each pack.
  • SUPER SOFT - They are super soft & luxurious. They do not feel rough like other microfibre towels currently on the market nor do they have the same problems with static. You don't have to pat dry your baby's skin, you can use them just like you would with regular towels.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - These towels can absorb up to 8x their weight in liquid compared with only around 4x for traditional cotton towels. With a density of 400GSM, they are extra thick and very effective at soaking up water.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL - Microfibre material has anti-bacterial properties. Studies have shown that surfaces cleaned with microfibre towels have 99% less bacteria as opposed to only 30% less for conventional towels.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - These towels can be machine washed and tumble dried. They are designed to last and extremely durable - Typically they can be washed around 500 times with no negative consequences for the material while conventional towels tend to show wear after around 50 washes.

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