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XL Premium Microfibre Dish Drying Mat/Board/Drainer - 40x70cm - 180GSM

  • EXTRA LARGE : Our dish drying mat measures 40x70cm. The extra surface area allows for the drying of larger items such as baking trays, pots & pans. It can be easily folded when not in use or to accommodate smaller counter-tops.
  • REVERSIBLE : One side of this mat is made of highly absorbent microfibre which is ideal for the drying of dishes, pots & pans. The other side is a polyester mesh which promotes air circulation and helps prevent the buildup of condensation when drying glass.
  • PROTECTIVE : The middle of this mat consists of a thin layer of foam which provides a cushion for your dishes & glassware while at the same time protects your counter-top from damage. The inner foam also helps to maintain the shape of the mat & soak up excess water. The microfibre is non-abrasive and will not scratch your cookware or counter-top.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL : Microfibre has anti-bacterial properties which make it the ideal textile for use in high germ environments such as a kitchen. These anti-bacterial properties also helps reduce odours.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE : This mat can be machine washed, it is built to last & is very durable. It should be washed separately the first couple of times and laid flat to dry.

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