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XL Premium Microfibre Pet Dog Towel Set - 150x80cm & 40x30cm : Super Absorbent - Quick Drying - Extra Soft

  • SET OF TWO - Our towel set consists of one extra large towel to dry the dogs coat with and one small towel to use on the dogs paws and belly. The benefit of having the additional smaller towel is that it can be used to clean the dirty parts of the dog leaving the bigger towel clean for use on the bulk of the dogs coat.
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - The larger of the two towels measures 150x80cm so it is suitable for even the largest of dog breeds. The large size of this towel also means that it is large enough to be used to cover sofas or car seats and can also be folded and used as a blanket.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - The main towel in our set is 400gsm while the smaller of the two is 350gsm. The superior quality of these towels is instantly apparent when you hold it in your hands. They do not feel rough like other microfibre towels currently on the market and are smooth / soft to the touch.
  • COMPOSITION - The composition of these towels is: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide which is slightly different than most other microfibre towels on the market. By increasing the amount of Polyamide in the mix we are able to increase the softness / plushness of the towel. You should consider this when comparing our product with others.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - These towels can be machine washed and tumble dried. They are designed to last and extremely durable, Typically they can be washed around 500 times with no negative consequences for the material while conventional towels tend to show wear after around 50 washes.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT - Microfibre material towels are able to hold 7/8 times their weight in liquid, our towels have a combined weight of 540 grams making them excellent drying towels. The microfibre material also has anti-bacterial properties and is more hygienic than conventional towels. These anti-bacterial properties also helps reduce odours. Studies have shown that surfaces cleaned with microfibre towels have 99% less bacteria as opposed to only 30% less for conventional towels.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Wash separately as microfibre attracts lint. Never use fabric softeners as they clog the fibre pores. Wash dark colours separately. Do not use bleach. Use a liquid detergent rather than a powder. Tumble dry on the lowest heat setting.

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