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Professional Grade Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths - Pack of 10 - 40x40cm - 400GSM

  • EXTRA LARGE - These microfibre car cloths are generously sized at 40x40cm which is significantly larger than many similar cloths currently on the market. With 10 in each pack they are extremely good value for money.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Perfect for polishing stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, exhaust tips, wheels and engine bays. Dry your wheels after detailing without harming any powder coated or clear coated finishes. Use them as cleaning cloths to wipe away dirt and grease from air filters, carburetors and mufflers. Soft enough to use on windows and mirrors. Buff off excess wax or sealant, wipe down and dry dashboards, door panels, upholstery and other delicate surfaces.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - They are made of a high quality ultrafine microfibre material with a density of 400GSM making these cloths extremely plush. The composition of the material is 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide - by increasing the amount of Polyamide in the material we have increased the softness of these cloths and as a result they do not feel rough in your hands like other microfibre cloths. They can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals.
  • SCRATCH, SWIRL & LINT FREE - The microfibre material these cloths are made of is non-abrasive, they will not leave scratches or lint on your paintwork, glass or mirrors nor will they leave behind nasty swirl marks or a trail of lint.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - They can be machine washed and tumble dried. They are designed to last and extremely durable. Typically they can be washed around 500 times with no negative consequences for the material while conventional cloths tend to show wear after around 50 washes.

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