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Unisex Reusable Baby Swim Nappies - Pack of 2 - Includes Wet Bag : Fully Adjustable & Machine Washable : Suitable for Boys or Girls 0-3 Years Old

  • STYLISH - Babies love the design of these nappies, the sea creatures are super cute and the colours are nice and bright. Perfect for swimming lessons, holidays, birthdays or baby showers.
  • ADJUSTABLE - The design of these swim nappies allow them to continue to be used as your child grows. The elastic creates a secure fit around the child's legs and the multiple snaps adjust the size of the nappy around the waist.
  • COMFORTABLE - These nappies are lightweight & flexible, they are designed to move with your child and will not weigh them down. The exterior layer of the nappy is a hard wearing PUL polyester and the inner layer is a super soft polyester mesh. The soft edges will not irritate your babies skin around the legs or waist - They are also very easy to put on and take off.
  • SWIMMING LESSONS - Regular nappies are designed to absorb liquid and if they are used in a swimming pool they will fill with water, weigh the child down and are likely to split open. Swim nappies differ in that they are designed to contain solids but not to absorb liquids. Most swimming pools have a double-nappy system where a disposable swim nappy or liner must be worn beneath a reusable swim nappy. Our nappies are ideal for this and you can put them in the matching wet bag for transportation.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - These swim nappies are very easy to clean, they can be hand washed or machine washed and can either be hung up to dry or tumble dried.

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